SAP HANA Implementation services

Hardware sizing for all SAP products including SAP HANA, S4 HANA and BW HANA
Data Integration (SLT & DS) HANA Studio Modeling
Implementation of SAP HANA solutions end to end on premise and on-demand environments
Create flexible analytical models based on real-time data
Install and configure SAP HANA systems
Interfaces and tools for reporting purposes to cover end to end scenarios
Scaling SAP HANA
Advice on and implement data replication options
Solution Manager system integrations
SAP HANA version and SPS/revision upgrades
OS/DB migration implementation services related to HANA with DMO and Classic methods
Integration with other products of SAP and Third Party Applications

SAP HANA Maintenance & Support services

  • SAP HANA Database 24/7 Monitoring
  • SAP HANA administration activities:
    • Setup SAP HANA cockpit
    • Managing Multiple Resources and Working with the Resource Directory
    • Monitor Alerts from Multiple Resources
    • Monitor Aggregate Health of system
    • Using SAP Web Dispatcher for Load Balancing with Tenant Databases
    • Configuring SAP HANA System Properties (INI Files)
    • Managing SAP HANA Licenses
    • Monitoring the SAP HANA Database
    • Monitoring and Analyzing the Performance of SAP HANA
    • Managing Tables
    • Workload Management
    • Scheduling of Recurring Administration Tasks
    • Maintaining the Application Services Run-Time Environment
    • SAP HANA Security administration

SAP HANA Migration (DMO) Services

SAP HANA DMO and classical method migrations

SAP HANA High Availability Services

  • SAP HANA DR configurations
  • SAP HANA High availability configurations powered by SuSe HANA replication
  • SAP HANA Fault Recovery Support
  • SAP HANA Disaster Recovery Support

SAP HANA data provisioning

SAP HANA Smart Data Access.
SAP HANA Hadoop Integration
Virtualizing Data Using Flowgraphs

Our Key capabilities

  • Onsite locations covering across the globe
  • Offering onsite, near-shore, and offshore capabilities
  • Senior SAP HANA/BW/BO Consultants with proven track record

Our Benefits and Features

Service Desk (single point of contact (SPOC) for all incidents)
Incident Management (solve and monitor incidents, raise problems)
Provide you KPI reports for all production environments in landscape